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Academic and policy actors widely acknowledge the importance of landing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the local level. All the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have targets directly related to the responsibilities of local actors; local and regional governments can support the achievement of the SDGs through participatory strategic planning. Moreover, the SDGs can provide a framework for local development policy.


To promote these processes, FELCOS Umbria and ARCO have joined forces and expertise by launching Local Lab, a new alliance aimed at supporting local and regional governments and local stakeholders in localizing the SDGs.


Through an integrated and participatory approach to sustainable development, Local Lab offers a set of core competencies and operational tools to facilitate local ownership of the SDGs, their mainstreaming into strategic planning processes and translation into place-based public policies.

Who We Are

FELCOS Umbria is active for over 10 years in the promotion of sustainable development process at local level and between its territories and partners countries. Through awareness raising activities, capacity-building, technical assistance, project design and management, FELCOS supports local strategic planning, social innovation and participation contributing to transform the sustainable development into reality.

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ARCO is a university centre offering qualified consulting, research and training services. With almost 10 years of experience in local development, social economy, inclusive development, M&E and impact evaluation, and sustainable food commodities, ARCO combines scientific rigour and practical solutions. ARCO’s activities are designed to foster sustainable development.

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Current Work


  BOLIVIA ECO.COM-Strengthening of community, sharing, inclusive and sustainable economy in the Municipalities of Tiquipaya and Sacaba” is contributing to the local socio-economic development by exchange of good practices among local authorities and by strengthening a type of social economy, that in Bolivia is under the name of “community economy”. 10 associations of small producers have been selected and are receiving support to increase their capacity of production, commercialization and inclusion of disadvantage people.
Contributing to:

  CABO VERDE Technical assistance to strategic planning and support to Cape Verdean Municipalities for the elaboration of project proposals for territorial development in the framework of the "Program of Local Development Platforms and Objectives 2030 in Cape Verde" promoted by UNDP Cape Verde and by the Cape Verde Government.
Contributing to:

  ALGERIA Participatory democracy and local development are the framework of our engagement in Algeria in support of the Algerian Ministry of Internal Affairs, UNDP Algeria and European Union within the CapDeL Programme. The main actions are the capacity building of public, private and associative local actors on the strategic planning, with a focus on disaster risk management and prevention, territorial marketing and local economic growth, for an inclusive, integrate and sustainable development, representing opportunities for international partnerships.
Contributing to:

  SYRIA Development of capacities for the promotion of health and inclusion of people with disabilities and support to the socio-economic rehabilitation in Syria.
This is the main purpose of our initiative in collaboration with UNDP Syria, by strengthening the knowledge and skills of the professionals that operate in the sector of disability, and, at the same time, by supporting the local socio-economic development, as a necessary element for the recovery of the country and the improvement of people's living conditions.
Contributing to:

  PALESTINE West Bank & Gaza Strip: Fostering economic and social inclusion by i) strengthening and enhancing the production and management capacities of the handicraft sector in Bethlehem and the Medjool date supply chain in Jericho; ii) promoting inclusive business, in particular among women, in collaboration with Birzeit and An-Najah Universities; and iii) conducting emancipatory researches to understand and to help overcoming barriers to participation of women and students with disabilities.
Contributing to:

  JORDAN Master in Local Administration and Local Development: Supporting the decentralization process of Jordanian administration with particular focus on SDG localization, integrated local development, strategic planning and methodology and tools of scientific research. The Degree is addressed to officials of Ministries and NGO personnel and is funded by the European Union Delegation to Jordan, implemented by the Jordan Ministry of the Interior, UNDP Jordan and the University of Jordan with the scientific coordination of The Hague Academy for Local Governance.
Contributing to:


  TUSCANYDesigning local strategies for sustainable development: conducting a benchmarking analysis of selected local strategies for sustainable development in order to draw lessons and examples to inspire and contribute to the Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development in Tuscany by: i) carrying out a benchmarking analysis of international good practices on SDGs localization; ii) fostering the exchange of experiences with workshops and iii) deepening the study on international activities operated by local Tuscan actors under the SDGs framework.


The Strategy

Knowledge and consensus

Raising awareness, knowledge and consensus on the SDGs to promote an active role of local actors in addressing territorial and global challenges.

Analysis and evaluation

Analyzing the alignment of development plans, local public policies and initiatives with the SDGs and evaluating their potential for implementing the 2030 Agenda.


Accompanying the local planning process towards the design of sustainable development strategies.


Developing tailored tools and methods to monitor the implementation of local strategies, policies and initiatives for the SDGs.


Facilitating the creation of innovative partnerships among territorial actors and mobilizing networks to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and innovation.


Promoting the wide dissemination and benchmarking of best practices on SDG localization through existing international platforms and networks.

The Added Value


Research, training and technical assistance on planning, monitoring and evaluation of public policies, local governance and sustainable development processes.


Linkage with institutional bodies, universities and research centres, private sector and civil society organizations for articulation between policies, initiatives and development strategies.


Embedding local sustainable development policies and initiatives within the national and international legal and strategic frameworks.

Network of relations

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